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norcia insurance consultants insurance claims help wisconsinTime and time again, we hear on the news about someone who turned to their insurance company when their house was damaged and in need of major repairs. The homeowner expects the insurance company to pay out a fair and reasonable amount of money, only to be told they will get a fraction of what they expected. It is a jolting experience and it’s one that adds stress to an already stressful and emotional situation. And it’s also why we highly recommend insurance claims help to all Wisconsin homeowners that need to file a claim with their insurance company.

Insurance claims help is just a phone call away. All you have to do is call us and we can send one of our public adjusters to your home for a free consultation. We’ll outline all we will do for you, and you’ll get to see firsthand that insurance claims help will take a lot of that stress off of your plate.

Another good reason to look into insurance claims help is because this is what our public adjusters do for a living, so they know the right forms to fill out, how to fill them out to the insurance company’s standards and the order in which to file paperwork and take care of other insurance-related tasks.

You will never have to worry that you forgot to sign something or that a document was not submitted by its due date. With that off of your plate, you can free up your time and head space to handle other aspects of getting your house together. You can make sure your family’s needs and your own needs are being met while being able to rely on your public adjuster to make sure the insurance claims process progresses as quickly as possible.

Insurance companies are going to look out for themselves, so they are going to do everything they can to not have to pay out your full claim. You need someone in your corner to handle them because it can be a tricky battle sometimes, especially if you’ve never done it before.

Make sure you get professional insurance claims help from public adjusters like the ones at Norcia Insurance Consultants. Contact us today to learn more.

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Insurance Claims Help When Tragedy Strikes in the Twin Cities

Have you recently had to file an insurance claim? If so, you know how difficult they can be. There is a lot to wrap your head around. Your homeowners insurance policy is probably not something you’re looking at every day. But, when you need it, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. For residents of the Twin Cities, insurance claims help can be a lifesaver when money is on the line. In this blog, we’re going to cover a couple reasons why many insurance claims get returned, and how insurance claims help can assist you in getting the money you deserve.

Improperly Filled Out Forms

Forms that are missing information, have incorrect information or have mismatching information will surely be returned. There is a lot that goes into filling out one of these forms, so it’s easy to miss things. When you seek insurance claims help, an experienced Twin Cities professional will be filling out and submitting your forms. We’ll even communicate with your insurance company, when need be. We’re old pros when it comes to filling out and submitting insurance claims, so let us do the work for you.

Delay in Filing

There is a certain time frame, from the date when the incident occurred, in which you need to have your forms fill out and submitted. The details of your situation may prevent you from filing in a timely fashion. You may be displaced, or dealing with worse after a natural disaster, house fire or robbery in the Twin Cities. By seeking insurance claims help during these difficult times, you’ll know the forms will be done right and filed properly. It always helps to get the ball rolling quickly in these situations.

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Insurance Claims Help After a Hailstorm

Hailstorms have the tendency to be brief, but damaging. Their impact can vary depending on the size of the hail and the storm’s rate. If you live anywhere in Minnesota or Wisconsin, like Green Bay, insurance claims help is not hard to find. We help people everyday get their lives back on track after a natural disaster strikes. When you’re the victim of a hailstorm, give us a call.

Recent Hailstorm

A little over a month ago, a line of hailstorms tore through several major Minnesota cities, hitting Minneapolis/ St. Paul around 7 p.m. During this line of storms, some cities reported hail up to 3 inches in diameter. The storm lasted about four hours, also producing high winds, thunder, lightning and rain. The result of the storm was major hail and wind damage to many homes and businesses. We can help people seeking insurance claims help, especially those in charge of community associations, condominium owners, townhouse board members and more. No project is too large for Norcia Insurance Consultants.

Preparing for a Hailstorm

Properly preparing your home for a hailstorm can prevent some of the damage. Make sure your trees and shrubs are trimmed regularly. Hail is heavier than rain, which increases the chance of limbs breaking. Also, routine checks of your roof can provide insight on areas that are particularly susceptible to hail damage. Having those areas repaired can save you money in the long run. When you know a hailstorm is on the way, move all vehicles inside and make sure your yard is free of anything that would easily be damaged. If it’s easy to bring inside the house, then do so.

Future Hailstorms

If you experience a hailstorm, damage is inevitable. It’s impossible to completely avoid hail damage to your roof, siding, yard and home. But, you should rest easy knowing that we’re on your side. If you do experience damage from a hailstorm, call our office. We can help you with all your insurance claims.

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Summer Tornados in Wisconsin

Tornados can be one of the most alarming natural disasters. Those of you who have experienced one can testify nothing can truly prepare you. The residents of the Fox River Valley, WI found out how true that is on Aug. 7. After a tornado hits your town, there’s not much you can do but start rebuilding. For those in Wisconsin, insurance claims help isn’t something that should worry you. The team at Norcia Insurance Consultants can help put the pieces back together.

Fox River Valley
The National Weather Service confirmed six tornados touched down in the Fox River Valley on the night of Aug. 6 into Aug. 7. The storm sustained 60 to 70 mph winds for about two hours, peaking at about 120 mph. The wind damage was extensive, knocking out power and downing trees. Crews acted quickly to restore power and after just two days, approximately 90% of customers regained power. Typically, Wisconsin sees about 23 tornadoes a year.

It is important to do your best to be prepared for a tornado. Having a plan for you and your family for emergency situations can save lives. But, sometimes tornados take us all by surprise. The meteorologist who put the storm forecast together for the Fox River Valley area on Aug. 6 admits he was surprised by the widespread damage. Once you find yourself caught in a tornado outbreak, you just have to do the best you can to wait it out.

After the storm’s fury has passed, the rebuilding and healing processes must begin. When you experience a traumatic event, your head will be spinning. It’s important to have a reliable public adjuster on your side. If you need any insurance claims help, our team is trained to help. We can assist you with a clear head and handle all communications with your insurance company.

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Insurance Claims Help: How Public Adjusters Can Assist

It’s always better to have plans in place sooner than later.

Ponder the following: You’re a homeowner in Minnesota, and a natural disaster strikes your home, leaving behind severe damage. You submit your claim to your insurance company, but it languishes for six months and is being increasingly worn down by your carrier.

It’s a nightmare that happens all the time. It can even be worse. What if your claim was being reassigned to several different adjusters, working on the insurance company’s side? What if, by the third or fourth adjuster, several revisions were made to the estimate, causing items to be removed from the cost?

It should never reach this point, and should have been addressed much sooner than later. When in need of insurance claims help, Minnesota residents can turn to Norcia Insurance Consultants. Here are some ways in which our experience can help to ease the process:

We know how the insurance companies work

We’ve worked on both sides of the fence, for insurance companies and for homeowners. We know how the insurance companies work and think, and we use our experience to help you get the best offer with little conflict and argument.

We work for you, not them

In the scenario above, the adjuster worked on behalf of the insurance company, and did everything possible to lower the company’s settlement to the homeowner. Norcia Insurance Consultants won’t let that happen. We do everything in our power to ensure you receive the check you deserve, so you can begin rebuilding your home.

We’re with you every step of the way

It should never be like the story above: the minute you need insurance claims help, you should get in touch with us. We’ll assist with you every aspect of the insurance claims process, and use our expertise to get you the settlement you deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for insurance claims help. Call us now at 866-512-5677 or Request a Free Consultation.