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5 Ways a Minnesota Public Adjuster Can Help

Have you been the victim of a flood, tornado or other natural disaster? Has your home or business been victim to a fire? We understand the heartache associated with any type of tragedy involving your home or business. When the world has dealt you an unfair hand, we, at Norcia Insurance Consultants, offer our hands in support. We know how difficult it can be to begin the necessary processes of recovery after a loss. We are experienced Minnesota public adjusters, with a proven track record of success and we are here to help you in interacting with your insurance company. Here are some ways we can help:

  1. Manage Claims. Reading and understanding the technical jargon in insurance policies can be difficult and overwhelming. Trusting our Minnesota public adjusters to sift through your policy can help you to thoroughly understand it
  2. File Claims. We will be able to file your claim for you. This benefits you in that we will be able to closely review everything, and make sure the claim is ready to be submitted. This will increase its likelihood to successfully go through.
  3. Work for Maximum Refund. We take the time to understand your policy inside and out! We leave no stone unturned in the quest to obtain the money you deserve. We are experienced Minnesota public adjusters, skilled in getting policyholders their maximum refund, as per their policy.
  4. Insurance Company Liaison. We will speak, on your behalf, to the insurance companies. Communicating effectively with insurance companies is a honed art we have perfected over many years.
  5. Working for You! We work exclusively for YOU, the policyholder! We don’t work for the insurance companies at all. You can trust us to work hard on your behalf because it is in our best interest to help you succeed.

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