Who We Are: Norcia Insurance Consultants

Insurance Claims Adjusters Serving Minnesota & Wisconsin

Norcia Insurance Consultants have been in the insurance claims industry for more than 20 years, serving both the insurance industry and policyholder at one point in time. We now solely serve the policyholder with uncompromising loyalty for the insured.

By definition, a profession is “a vocation or occupation requiring advanced education and training involving intellectual skills.” There is no substitute for professional experience when it comes to help with insurance claims. We are insurance adjusters: professionals at securing full insurance recovery after a disaster.

Our service area includes all of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Specifically in Wisconsin, we serve these areas: Green Bay metro, La Crosse/Eau Claire metro, Madison metro, Marquette metro, Milwaukee metro and Wausau/Rhinelander metro.

In Minnesota, this includes: Minneapolis/St Paul metro, Rochester/Mason City metro, Mankato metro and Duluth/Superior metro.

Other areas we serve: Sioux Falls metro and Fargo metro.

We can help you with your insurance claim. Call 866-512-LOSS (5677) or request a free consultation now!