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Common Winter Insurance Claims & How to Prevent Them

Whether this winter brings sub-zero temperatures, multiple feet of snow or all of the above, winter-induced home damage can sometimes be unavoidable. But sufficient insurance coverage may cover even the most bitter disaster. It is important to get what you are owed in the event of a winter disaster and the professionals at Norcia Insurance Consultants are here to help. We are the trusted name in insurance claims for MN and can work on your behalf to help get what you are entitled to. Here are a few of the most common types of winter-related home damage plus how you can prevent them. 

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Ice Dams

Last month we covered ice dams and how to prevent them. They are a major problem in the winter and can lead to mold and leakage. An “ice dam” forms on a roof when snow melts and refreezes near the gutters or roof edges. When the ice begins to melt again, the water can seep under roof shingles. the subsequent icicles hanging from your roof might be enchanting, but a heavy icicle could rip off a gutter.

Have a professional inspect your roof to see if solutions like heat cables and rubberized shingles can keep ice dams from forming in the first place. You should also keep all gutters clear of debris so melted snow can drain properly.

Fallen Branches

It may not be the first you think of when it comes to winter hazards, but tree branches cause a major threat especially following an ice or snowstorm. If an icy branch does fall, your insurance policy’s dwelling coverage should cover necessary repairs to the home, while your other structures coverage will pay for things like a damaged fence or shed.

Burst Pipes

A more obvious winter home disaster, frozen pipes can burst and cause accidental water damage, which can be expensive to repair. Make sure you do what you can to prevent any frozen pipes, but if water damage does occur, homeowners need to take action to mitigate further damage, like turning off the water valve.


Fireplaces, space heaters and other forms of electricity make house fires one of the most common causes of winter insurance claims. Be sure to do everything you can to prevent fires this winter. And if a fire does occur, make sure you get the help you need. 

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