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Handling the Stress of Insurance Claims Disputes

Homeowners insurance is supposed to be there to alleviate financial stress when damage occurs to your home. But if a claim settlement offer falls short of expectations or if your claim is denied altogether, it can leave you more frustrated and stressed out than ever. Now is the time for insurance claims disputes. Disputes between customers and insurance companies over claim payments occur for many reasons, from fine print buried in a policy to debate over the cost to fix a house. But one thing is for sure; never face insurance claims disputes on your own. Always enlist the help of an expert to help you through the process step by claims disputes

At Norcia Insurance Consultants, our experts specialize in insurance claims disputes for the Twin Cities and can help guide you through the entire process. We can even speak with your insurance company on your behalf, file important paperwork and more. If you think you’re getting a raw deal, you don’t have to accept it or face your insurance company alone. Here are a few tips to help you make your case. And then your ready, contact the experts in insurance claims disputes, Norcia Insurance Consultants and we can help you through it.

Review your claim. Not sure why the settlement was lower than expected? Ask for clarification. If it cites an exclusion or other specific language in your policy, ask it to point out the section.

Know your policy. Knowing what you’re entitled to under your policy can help your argument.

Document in writing everything your insurer or claims adjuster tells you. Keep a log of dates, whom you spoke to and what was said.

Ask for an at-home visit. If there are insurance claims disputes over the extent of damage to your home, ask your adjuster to inspect your house again.

And, these are just a few of the steps you can take to help alleviate the stressful situation that is the insurance claims dispute. Another essential step is finding someone to fight by your side. When you need to file an insurance claim or insurance claims disputes, it is important to get the help you need to file it correctly and get the payout you are entitled to. After all, it can be a stressful time and it can be easy to overlook things when trying to handle it yourself. A public insurance adjuster from Norcia can help you with your insurance claim and insurance claims disputes so that you can rest easy.

Do you need help with insurance claims disputes in the Twin Cities? For more information on insurance claims help, call Norcia Insurance Consultants at 866-512-LOSS (5677), or you can contact us to set up your Free Consultation.