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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

If you are facing the hurdles created by the average insurance claim, you may be looking for help. A public insurance adjuster in St. Paul can help you through the process of filing your insurance claim and negotiating with your insurance company. However, like everything, hiring a public insurance adjuster also comes with its own pros and cons. If you are considering hiring a public insurance adjuster, consider the list below provided by the professionals at Norcia Insurance Consultants to help you weigh your options! For complex insurance claims, hiring a public adjuster may be your best option to ensure that you are receiving the insurance payout you deserve.


1. Help with aggressive negotiation

public insurance adjuster St Paul

Public insurance adjusters provide you with assistance in communicating and negotiating with your insurance company. Adjusters provided by your insurance company work for your insurance company, not you – meaning they will try to give you the smallest payout allowed by your policy. However, hiring a public insurance adjuster means that you have someone in your corner who understands the fine print of your policy and wants to help you get the payout you deserve.

2. Their portion is small

While public insurance adjusters do take a percent, their portion of the payout is slim compared to the difference between the smallest payout and the one that they can help you receive.

3. Cooperation between all parties

As public insurance adjusters are trained and specialized in insurance disputes, all parties often agree to share information with them without issue. Insurance companies may have disputes with sharing case-specific information with external parties not trained in insurance disputes, but tend to cooperate with insurance adjusters.


1. No guarantee they will succeed

More often than not, a public insurance adjuster will be able to positively impact the outcome of your insurance claim. However, every claim is different, meaning that the approach that works with one may not work the same for another. There is always a small risk that hiring a public adjuster will not have any impact on your claim.

2. You often have to pay them regardless of outcome

Unlike lawyers who may agree to only take a cut if they win, public insurance adjusters typically require payment whether they were successful in getting you a better payout or not. However, their job goes beyond just getting you a better payout and includes consultations and assistance with paperwork and each step of the process.

3. Getting everything in writing takes time

As hiring a public insurance adjuster isn’t regulated by state governments or laws, each professional relationship is dictated by the applicable individual contract. Due to that, it is important to have your whole agreement, all terms and conditions discussed, in writing. However, getting any agreement written and signed by both parties can take some time as terms are decided and settled on.

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