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Questions to Ask When Hiring an Insurance Adjuster

Navigating the often murky waters of insurance claims on your own can be an incredibly stressful experience. There is a ton of paperwork to wade through, and each form must be filled out exactly right in order to keep the process moving. Often, homeowners will reach out to a company like Norcia Insurance Consultants to get help with the claims process. So here are some questions you should ask while you are looking into hiring a public insurance adjuster in the Twin Cities. And if you need one in Minnesota or Wisconsin, give us a call!

One of the best questions to ask the insurance adjuster is about his or her licensure. Get a license number to verify with your state’s department of labor and licensing (or a similar agency). If the insurance adjuster works for a specific firm, ask for the company’s license number since some adjusters will work under their company’s license and not their own individual one.

Like any other professional service, an insurance adjuster should have some references available. Do your homework and call those references to see what kind of experience those homeowners had with that particular adjuster. Along the same lines, you should ask the insurance adjuster about their experience in the industry. How many claims have they handled? How long have they been in this line of business?

Then you should ask about the fees you will be charged. What percentage of your claim money will you owe to the insurance adjuster once all is said and done? Will the insurance adjuster take a fee on specific categories of your insurance benefits? For example, some adjusters will not take a fee on the Additional Living Expense category. Be sure you fully understand how much the insurance adjuster will be paid once your claim is settled successfully. Make sure you get everything in writing too.

Finally, listen to your gut. Do you get along with your insurance adjuster on a personal level? Do they seem to be honest and up front about the insurance claims process and what is being done? You should definitely be comfortable with them and their communication style, considering you might be working with this person for several months before the insurance claims process is over and done with.

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