Public Insurance Adjusters Help the Overwhelmed Homeowner

As a public insurance adjuster serving Wisconsin, we know how much our job means to homeowners. We are advocates for your cause, always working hard to get you the full amount of compensation due from your insurance company following disaster or tragedy. Please check out the following reasons an insurance adjuster can be an asset to you if you need to file a claim with your insurance company.

We can help take away a lot of the stress you are experiencing. If an unfortunate event were to befall your home, and you need to make a claim with your insurance company, a lot of undue pressure is often added to your daily life. An insurance adjuster of our sort handles all of the legwork associated with filing such claims. You are then free to handle any other aspects of the event like dealing with the emotions, being there for your family and taking care of the other, more important things in your life.

A public insurance adjuster is your advocate. We are here to make sure you get the full amount of the insurance compensation that is due to you as per the terms set forth in your insurance policy. The insurance world can be a bit murky. Public insurance adjusters are here for you and yours to unmuddy the waters of the hectic homeowner’s insurance world. We are here to advocate on your behalf so you do not have to stress out or worry about how much money your insurance company is going to pay out.

Finally, a public insurance adjuster is also there to help you understand the subtleties and vagaries of insurance claims like how and when to file, what and when to expect compensation. If you have not dealt with insurance companies in this fashion before, the insurance world can be confusing and a bit overwhelming. A public insurance adjuster like us can come to your home, explain to you what is unfolding, clarifying all aspects of the paperwork and contracts that you might otherwise have a hard time understanding.

A public insurance adjuster is in your corner, not the insurance company’s. Our job is to look out for you to make sure that you get fair and reasonable compensation from your insurance company when you file a claim.

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When Should You Call a Public Insurance Adjuster?

When the worst happens and your home sustains damage from a storm, roof leak, fire or another unexpected event, it is an incredibly stressful time. Not only are you worried about the health and well-being of your loved ones, but dealing with needed emergency repairs can add to that stress and feeling of being overwhelmed. Added to the pile: dealing with your insurance company. A public insurance adjuster can assist Wisconsin homeowners with their insurance claims, but how do you know when to call us for help?

You might think that you can handle the insurance claims process on your own. Probably you just have to call your insurance company, submit some paperwork and other documentation and then they will send you a check for the full amount you are entitled to.

However, you should keep in mind that your insurance company is always going to be looking out for its own interests first. It doesn’t want to pay you anymore than it absolutely has to, and often the amount they think they owe you vs. what you are entitled to are two very different numbers!

So when should you call a public insurance adjuster? There are two good answers to this question.

The first answer is you should call a public insurance adjuster at Norcia Insurance Consultants at the first sign of damage. There are those who say don’t delay in hiring a public insurance adjuster because there are certain conditions of your insurance policy that must be met and strictly adhered to before and during the claims process. Your public insurance adjuster will know these conditions or policies, so having an adjuster on your side right off the bat means you start on a level playing field with your insurance company.

The second answer is you should call one of our public insurance adjusters at the first red flag that you get from your insurance company. One red flag is if they reassign your claim to another one of their adjusters. That can sometimes signal that your repair estimate is going to be revised several times before it is paid out, and those revisions could mean that some of your repair claims will be removed.

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Insurance Claims Help: How Public Adjusters Can Assist

It’s always better to have plans in place sooner than later.

Ponder the following: You’re a homeowner in Minnesota, and a natural disaster strikes your home, leaving behind severe damage. You submit your claim to your insurance company, but it languishes for six months and is being increasingly worn down by your carrier.

It’s a nightmare that happens all the time. It can even be worse. What if your claim was being reassigned to several different adjusters, working on the insurance company’s side? What if, by the third or fourth adjuster, several revisions were made to the estimate, causing items to be removed from the cost?

It should never reach this point, and should have been addressed much sooner than later. When in need of insurance claims help, Minnesota residents can turn to Norcia Insurance Consultants. Here are some ways in which our experience can help to ease the process:

We know how the insurance companies work

We’ve worked on both sides of the fence, for insurance companies and for homeowners. We know how the insurance companies work and think, and we use our experience to help you get the best offer with little conflict and argument.

We work for you, not them

In the scenario above, the adjuster worked on behalf of the insurance company, and did everything possible to lower the company’s settlement to the homeowner. Norcia Insurance Consultants won’t let that happen. We do everything in our power to ensure you receive the check you deserve, so you can begin rebuilding your home.

We’re with you every step of the way

It should never be like the story above: the minute you need insurance claims help, you should get in touch with us. We’ll assist with you every aspect of the insurance claims process, and use our expertise to get you the settlement you deserve.

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MN Public Insurance Adjusters Need to Be Independent

A recent story from NBC New York caught our eye, as it details how one public insurance adjuster duped homeowners into signing bad contracts with a contractor of the adjuster’s choosing. One quote in particular stuck out:

“We hired a public adjuster which, in my family’s opinion, was the worst mistake ever,” said Chancy Marsh.

Hearing things like that makes our stomach turn, although it’s understandable why Mr. Marsh now feels that way. Read the entire story by clicking here.

When you hire a public insurance adjuster in Minnesota or anywhere else, you expect that this person will work for you in your best interests, since YOU hired them. And they should work for you, not steer you toward a contractor of they’re choosing.

While many Minnesota adjusters do have relationships with contractors, they shouldn’t push you toward the contractor they want. They need to be impartial, and understand you might have a contractor with whom you trust and wish to work. If not, they should be able to recommend different contractors, or encourage you to find your own.

One of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters codes of conduct is:

Members shall not acquire any interest in salvaged property or participate in any way, directly or indirectly, in the reconstruction, repair or restoration of damaged property, except with the knowledge, consent and permission of the assured.

In short, no adjuster should push toward a contractor of their choosing. If you find this is happening, look for a new adjuster. This person isn’t working in your best interests. If they are stressing a company over another, don’t be afraid to ask them why they are highly recommending them. Maybe do some research and see if there’s a connection between the contractor and the adjuster.

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Fire Insurance Claims: 5 Tips for Filing

Fire continues to be a continuing threat to properties, and insurance companies are trying to cut corners on fire insurance claims in order to save money. Since the threat continues to increase, homeowners need to be familiar with how to file a fire insurance claim. There are few experiences more devastating than losing all your belongings and home, so the last thing you need to deal with is your insurance company giving you a hard time about the claim. Here are tips to follow when dealing with fire insurance claims:

  1. Ask for an advance against your ultimate claim
    If dangerous conditions forced you to evacuate, meaning you were unable to grab essentials, don’t panic: call your insurance company and ask that someone bring a check to you, so you’re able to buy necessities. Take care of your needs, but don’t buy frivolous or the most expensive items. The amount you get in advance will be deducted from your final claim.
  2. Make a list of losses; don’t throw anything away
    Begin putting together your list of losses immediately so you can remember what was lost to fire. Don’t throw anything away, as the insurance adjuster will want to see these things to include them in the coverage.
  3. File your claim right away and ask the company for immediate action
    Most policies require homeowners to file their claims ASAP. Call your agent immediately to get the process started. If you don’t, you could find yourself on the bottom of the list and it could be quite some time before an adjuster reaches you. Since you are acting as quickly as possible, your insurance company will need to do the same. If you find they are taking too long to get in touch with you, let them know you will get in touch with the appropriate state officials, and this should prompt them to act.
  4. Secure your property
    Your insurance company will require you to take reasonable care of your property, so you need to do everything you can to secure it from further damage. If there is a total loss, then this is unnecessary, but it only one are of the home was damaged, you’ll need to be proactive in taking actions to prevent against further damage.
  5. Monitor living expenses
    Your policy includes a “loss of use” clause, meaning you will be reimbursed for living expenses while you’re displaced. However, be aware you’re only entitled to the difference between what you spent when you were displaced and what you spent while you lived at home. If you’re staying with loved ones during this time, then your hosts might be reimbursed for these costs, so ask them to itemize additional costs.

If you find you’re having issues with getting your claim, then it’s time to get in touch with a qualified public adjuster like Norcia Insurance Consultants. Call us now at (866) 512-5677.