Public Insurance Adjusters Provide the Assist

Winter means cranking up the fireplace for so many Minnesotans! Nothing provides an earthier or more meaningful way to keep warm than the sentimental wood-burning chimney effort! The odor, the crackle, the trance-inducing fire, all of it adds up to you and yours frequently sitting around the fireplace to enjoy family time.

The fireplace is not all roses, sunshine and warmth. Often that and the overall chimney network can be hazards if not properly cared for and maintained from the cold to warm to cold parts of the year in an annual cycle. As public insurance adjusters in the Twin Cities, so many of your acquaintances, colleagues, family and friends have been assisted in the event of their home being victim to damage in the form of beyond desired chimney fire.

Being that the fireplace is something that is annually shut down only to be reawakened at a later date, you need to, once a year, right before or right after winter, have that chimney professionally inspected and cleaned. When a standard house-warming fire burns in your fireplace, creosote begins to form. It accumulates and builds up with each subsequent fire. This black and sticky flammable substance should be cleaned regularly to prevent it from igniting and causing a fire at a place with your chimney that you do not want it to be.

Make sure that the wood you are burning is dried and cured (Your logs need to be split, dried for 8 to 12 months). Stack these logs so that it has a cover on top of it, leaving openings on their sides to accomplish proper air flow. Do not utilize lumber scraps, construction scraps, painted wood or other pieces of treated wood. These types of wood could release harmful chemicals into your home, and it could affect the indoor air quality at your house. You can use starter logs to start the fire if you need to, but just be sure to use only one of them at a time since they burn very hot.

Always utilize the damper when your fireplace is not in use. This will help keep the warm air currently occupying your home from getting out. When actively burning a fire in the fireplace, make sure you keep the doors of the fireplace open to allow the heat of the fire to get into the room.

These helpful tips can eliminate a worst case scenario from unfolding within your home. No disaster equals not having to call on your insurance company. If you do find yourself in the undesirable position of having to deal with your insurance company alone, hire some public insurance adjusters in the Twin Cities area. Call Norcia Insurance Consultants at 866-512-LOSS (5677), or you can contact us to set up your Free Consultation.

Public Insurance Adjuster & Insurance Company Adjuster: Do You Know the Difference?

If your home or business has been heavily damaged from a storm, fire or other types of disaster, you’ll need to file an insurance claim. But do you really know how the whole process works? It’s probably one of those things that you don’t look into until you need to. For those living or working in Minneapolis, public insurance adjusters can give you the confidence to get the money you deserve.

Insurance Company Adjusters

Insurance company adjusters work for your insurance company. They are sent out on behalf of the company to assess the damage to your property. After they look into your case, they provide an evaluation to your insurance company. Based on what the adjuster says, the insurance company will dole out a settlement. This type of adjuster works for the insurance company and has to work within the set rules and guidelines provided by the company.

Public Insurance Adjusters

Public insurance adjusters work independently from any insurance companies. They will also come out and do an inspection of the damage. From there, they will draw up a realistic estimate for what the repairs should cost. They work on behalf of you, the policyholder, not an insurance company. This is beneficial because sometimes the insurance companies will only agree to pay out the minimum amount of money unless you have proof otherwise. A public insurance adjuster fights to get you the money you deserve.

While a visit from your insurance company’s adjuster may be necessary, it’s good to have a public insurance adjuster in your back pocket. Having a professional on your side can help lighten the financial burden after tragedy strikes.

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Severe Weather: Warning vs. Watch

There are a few ways you can tell for sure if bad weather is coming your way. You may notice the sky get dark or the wind pick up. But, when you’re listening to the television or radio, do you understand what the broadcaster is saying? Knowing the difference the difference between a severe weather watch and a severe weather warning can be life saving information. Whenever severe weather strikes, know our team of public insurance adjusters serve Minneapolis, Green Bay and more. Call us to get somebody on your side.

Severe Weather Warning

A severe weather warning is issued when there is a chance that bad weather will strike your area. It means that the weather isn’t an immediate threat, but it’s time to start getting prepared. If there is a tornado warning, pull in your free-standing lawn furniture. If there is a severe thunderstorm warning, it’s time to find the flashlight. Keep your eye on the weather, as a warning may quickly change to a watch, especially with fast moving storms.

Severe Weather Watch

A severe weather watch occurs when there is dangerous weather threatening your immediate area. For example, if there is a flood watch, it means there is flooding occurring in your area at that moment. When you see a severe weather watch, it is time to act. Take shelter, if necessary and take extra precautions.

After Severe Weather

Once severe weather has moved through the area, you may notice some damage around your property. If this is the case, you’ll want to have someone one your side, when dealing with your insurance company. That’s where we come in. Our team is prepared to take on all communication with your insurance company, to help make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

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Public Adjusters’ Perspective: How Safe is Green Bay?

Are you a Wisconsin native? If so, then you’ve probably lived through your fair share of natural disasters. They have the potential to be swift, but cause a large amount of damage. They can leave a mess at your home or workplace. If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how necessary it is to have someone on your side to communicate with your insurance company. Our local team of nearby Green Bay public insurance adjusters is here to help. In this blog, we’re going to cover some of the natural disasters that have affected the state and what they mean for you, in our option.


Wisconsin is no stranger to floods. Even earlier this year, parts of the state were covered in water. Floods can cause great damage up front, as well as leave behind residual damage that may take a long time to clean up. Water damage can damage your home’s or office’s integrity by seeping into the foundation and rotting away vital supports. One storm can damage hundreds of buildings, leaving people displaced and out of work. Flash flooding is also a major concern. This type of flood can pop up with little to no warning and do some serious damage. If you live close to a body of water, you probably take routine precautions when you are warned about heavy rainfall. But, it is impossible to be prepared for everything Mother Nature has to throw at you. So, when you need a helping hand, look to Norcia Insurance Consultants.


For a snowstorm to officially be categorized as a blizzard, it has to have strong, sustained winds above 56 mph. They cause reduced visibility, making driving difficult and dangerous. Some blizzards have significant icefall and others produce thunder. A blizzard can have a big effect on your home and your business. They are notorious for substantial snow build ups, causing roofs to collapse. Over the past 10 years, there have been 10 notable blizzards across the state of Wisconsin. Recent blizzards have caused road closures and power outages. Though Green Bay rarely sees more than two blizzards a year, they can have a big impact on the city whey they come through. Due to low temperatures and the potential for further damage, it is important to get blizzard damage repaired as soon as possible.

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Public Insurance Adjusters Perspective: How Safe is Minneapolis?

There are many of us who have lived in Minnesota our whole lives. Have you ever stopped to consider how safe it is to live here, in terms of natural disasters? In this blog, we’re only going to cover a few of the most significant natural disasters that affect our state. If you live in Minnesota, our team of Minneapolis public insurance adjusters can help you recover after one of these major events. We can work with you to get what you deserve from the insurance company.

Though tornadoes around the Twin Cities rarely reach a deadly magnitude, we reside right on the cusp of Tornado Alley. The number of reported tornadoes has increased in recent years, but the number of lives claimed has decreased. This is most likely due to upgraded weather tracking technology available today. There were a reported 37 tornados in Minnesota in 2012, heavily concentrated in the summer months. Out of a reported 932 confirmed tornadoes in the United States, 37 is a relatively low number. This says to us, that in terms of tornadoes, Minnesota is a pretty safe place to live. These storms can still cause substantial property damage, and insurance claims have undoubtedly been filed.

The subject of wildfires has been in the news a lot recently. In the same way tornadoes are capable of causing damage, wildfires can cause a lot of property damage. Minnesota had a large increase in wildfire activity in 2012. That being said, we still had less fires than most of the country. We haven’t surpassed the national average in over five years. Again, this leads us to believe that of all the places to live in the United States, Minnesota is a good choice. We thoroughly understand the impact on those in Minnesota who have been affected by a wildfire. If you’re in need after a wildfire, we can help.

Out of these two considerations, our opinion is Minnesota is a pretty safe place to reside. This doesn’t mean that these occurrences don’t happen. You still need to practice safety precautions at all times.

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