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What to Do after a Severe Storm

Public Adjuster Green Bay WIAfter a storm or another severe weather event, it can be incredibly stressful – especially if your house sustained any damage. You might not be sure what to do first or where to turn. As a public adjuster serving Green Bay and the surrounding areas, we have helped countless homeowners like you file the insurance claims needed to get their houses fixed. Here are a few suggestions on what to do after a bad storm:

  • You need to think about safety first and foremost. If for any reason you cannot stay in your home, you need to immediately find another place to stay. Ask friends and family for help or stay at a nearby hotel. There could be live power lines that are creating a safety risk, or you might be dealing with flooding, which could include raw sewage and other health risks like that.
  • If your house is fine and nothing is flooded, and if it is safe to go outside again, you need to start documenting the damage. Take a notebook and a camera and start taking pictures of damages and making notes about it. In those notes, make sure you keep track of any potential problems: mold developing, crumbling drywall, etc.
  • Contact us so we can send a public adjuster to your house. Your first consultation is totally free and you are under no obligation to hire us for help. But we think once you talk to us and see how we can help, you will want us to stick around. We can handle the insurance claims process from here, and part of our services is taking inventory of the damages as well. Our public adjuster will be the go-between between you and your insurance company, and we can even file paperwork and speak to the insurance company on your behalf.
  • Finally, be patient. Even with our help, the insurance claims process can take a long time: usually several months. However, our public adjuster will do everything he or she can to speed up the process or, at the very least, keep up with the insurance company so you get your insurance pay-out that much sooner.

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