Insurance Adjuster Green Bay

Whether you live in Milwaukee or Green Bay, no one likes to deal with the disasters and challenges that life sends our way! Be it storm damage, fire or flood damage to our homes, it can be a long process with numerous stressors and emotions involved. It is during those times of disaster and damage recovery that you want to have a Green Bay insurance adjuster there to help. At Norcia, we will be there to assess a situation and determine what steps need to be taken to help you get resolution.

Why an Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance Adjuster Green BayAfter notifying your insurance company of your loss, it will be time to work with an insurance adjuster, typically provided by your insurance company. As you meet with them, they will begin to collect information about what happened and then determine how you will be compensated based on your policy.

However, you do have the option of working with an independent insurance adjuster such as those from Norcia, who will negotiate on your behalf. Prior to your meeting with a Green Bay insurance adjuster, be sure you take time to make a list of any questions you may have, and identify as many concerns regarding the damage and settlement as possible. When you meet with an insurance adjuster, you can expect the following to occur:

  • Discuss the extent of your loss
  • Have the insurance adjuster investigate the loss
  • Be given an assessment of the damage
  • Have the adjuster present the extent of the damage and determined value owed to the insurance company

Other actions a Green Bay insurance adjuster might perform is to help you find people who can make the repairs to your property; and, in the event that there is a liability claim, they will try to find out who is responsible.

Work with a Green Bay Insurance Adjuster

A Norcia insurance adjuster is there for you when disaster strikes. We will work hard to help you through those difficult situations and do our part to ensure that you get the best settlement possible so you can move forward with your life.

To learn more about how we can help you, contact one of our Green Bay insurance adjusters today at 866-512-5677 or fill out the form to schedule a free consultation.