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Eight Key Things A Public Insurance Adjuster Can Do For You

A Public Adjuster has extensive knowledge of, and expertise, in the handling of claims in the insurance industry. They represent only you and your interests when you have a claim with your insurance company; not those of the insurance company. Here is a list of some of the key things they will do on your behalf:

  • Conduct an initial inspection of your site and make an evaluation of your situation to determine the best course of action.
  • Review your policy and identify exactly what coverage and rights you have.
  • Analyze the damage and loss you have experienced and determine its true value.
  • Determine how much it will really cost to restore you to a pre-loss condition, and how much of that is covered by your policy.
  • Assess the loss of business assets and the loss of business opportunity.
  • Collect and assemble all of the information needed to support your claim.
  • Fill out all of the required forms to properly file your claim and handle all of the details of the claim.
  • Work closely with the insurance company’s adjuster and negotiate as necessary to achieve the best possible settlement for you.

Public Adjusters can represent your best interests during difficult times. Handling an insurance claim can be complex, and small errors in the processing of a claim can have detrimental effects of the ultimate outcome of your settlement. An experienced Public Adjuster can provide the guidance and assistance required to achieve an equitable and timely solution for you.