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Insurance Claim Assistance in Wisconsin & Minnesota

Were you caught off-guard by Wisconsin or Minnesota winter storm damage? If this has never happened to you, consider yourself lucky. It happens to the best of us. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it never will. It’s a good idea for all Wisconsin and Minnesota homeowners and multifamily residence owners to be aware and prepared in the event of winter storm damage. As your team of Minnesota and Wisconsin insurance claim assistance agents, we’re on your side. In this blog, we’re going to cover some basic insurance claim assistant protocol in the event of Wisconsin or Minnesota storm damage.

Contact the Insurance Company

As soon as you notice any type of damage at your Wisconsin or Minnesota home, start contacting people. Your first step is to file a claim with your insurance company: later on you may need insurance claim assistance. But until then, they will send out an adjuster that works for their Wisconsin or Minnesota company to take inventory of the damage and make an assessment.

Review of Claim

After the Wisconsin or Minnesota insurance adjuster writes up an estimate for your damage, the insurance company will review their analysis. Once the company has had time to look at their adjuster’s assessment, they will provide you with a final number for you to review. When dealing with your insurance company, you don’t have to take the first offer they give you. Take some time and think about the figure they present to you. If you need insurance claims assistance, that’s where we step in.

Insurance Claim Assistance

If you feel the number your insurance company has provided is unfair, contact us. As a team of Wisconsin and Minnesota insurance claim assistance agents, we dig deep for you. We will fight for all the money you deserve by reviewing your insurance claim. We can then approach your insurance with facts and fight for all the money you deserve. The insurance claim assistance we provide is some of the best in the state.

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