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Summer Tornados in Wisconsin

Tornados can be one of the most alarming natural disasters. Those of you who have experienced one can testify nothing can truly prepare you. The residents of the Fox River Valley, WI found out how true that is on Aug. 7. After a tornado hits your town, there’s not much you can do but start rebuilding. For those in Wisconsin, insurance claims help isn’t something that should worry you. The team at Norcia Insurance Consultants can help put the pieces back together.

Fox River Valley
The National Weather Service confirmed six tornados touched down in the Fox River Valley on the night of Aug. 6 into Aug. 7. The storm sustained 60 to 70 mph winds for about two hours, peaking at about 120 mph. The wind damage was extensive, knocking out power and downing trees. Crews acted quickly to restore power and after just two days, approximately 90% of customers regained power. Typically, Wisconsin sees about 23 tornadoes a year.

It is important to do your best to be prepared for a tornado. Having a plan for you and your family for emergency situations can save lives. But, sometimes tornados take us all by surprise. The meteorologist who put the storm forecast together for the Fox River Valley area on Aug. 6 admits he was surprised by the widespread damage. Once you find yourself caught in a tornado outbreak, you just have to do the best you can to wait it out.

After the storm’s fury has passed, the rebuilding and healing processes must begin. When you experience a traumatic event, your head will be spinning. It’s important to have a reliable public adjuster on your side. If you need any insurance claims help, our team is trained to help. We can assist you with a clear head and handle all communications with your insurance company.

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