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Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim During the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming. In fact, Thanksgiving is just one month away. While you may be prepared for fun and festivities, you may not be prepared for the worst. With many people traveling, shopping and decorating over the holiday season, there is a higher risk of home burglaries, property loss and damage than the rest of the year. During this busy season, insurance companies have more to contend with, which makes filing a claim all the more difficult. To successfully file a claim in the event of a holiday emergency, our experts in insurance claims management for MN have put together these simple tips.

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1. Contact the authorities first. Whether you experience storm damage or need to make a crime-related claim, always make sure everyone is safe first and contact the police, ambulance or fire department if necessary. They also begin the investigative process necessary to prove your claim with the insurance company.

2. Once you’ve ensured everyone’s safety, it’s time to call the experts at Norcia Insurance Consultants. We will be able to walk you through every step in the insurance claim process. Even if you are unsure whether the damage warrants an insurance claim, we can get you the help you need to get started. Even if a claim is fairly minor, like a cracked or broken window that won’t exceed your annual deductible, you should still report that damage.

3. Always keep track of everything pertaining to your insurance claim. This is where good insurance claims management comes in. It is important to keep a record of all interactions with local authorities, insurance agents and repair companies. This can help you make a better case when filing and protect you against unfair claims handling practices by your insurance company. Insurance companies are the busiest around this time of the year, making them more likely to make mistakes and cut corners on your claim. Our experts at Norcia can handle all of this for you.

4. Always seek assistance from an insurance claims management professional. Filing an insurance claim during the holidays has several challenges. Insurance companies are likely to decline more cases to ease their workload, but this can negatively affect policyholders. For the best protection of your rights, schedule an insurance dispute consultation.

Don’t contact your insurance company to file insurance claims directly. With assistance from the experts at Norcia, we can take care of this for you. We can come to your home, talk to your insurance company for you, explain to you what is unfolding, clarify all aspects of the paperwork and go over contracts to help you understand them.

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