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Get Ready for Winter! Winter Hazard Awareness Week

Every year, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety sponsors a Winter Hazard Awareness Week and this year it is from November 10 through November 14. On Monday, November 10, the focus is on Winter Storms. We here at Norcia Insurance Consultants believe in being as prepared as possible for bad weather. Here are a few tips and some more information on winter storms and how to get ready and stay safe.

  • Get familiar with the terms that the National Weather Service uses for local forecasts. It is important to know the difference between an “outlook,” a “watch” and a “warning.”
  • Keep up to date on the weather forecasts. If severe weather is predicted, get to the store as soon as you can for supplies like canned food, de-icer, water and other items you will need if you are stuck at home for a few days.
  • Heavy snow and ice can cause structural damage to your home, like collapsing roofs and more. Ice dams can form and a variety of problems can result. If the worst happens to your home and you need help with your insurance company, call Norcia Insurance Consultants. We are public adjusters and can help you collect all of the money your insurance company owes you for your claim.
  • Do not go outside to inspect any damage to your home if it is unsafe to do so. It is best to wait until conditions clear before you go out to see what damage has been done. Better safe than sorry! Ice or a large amount of snow is usually the culprit when it comes to roof and gutter damage.

If you experience damage to your property thanks to a severe storm or other event, call us at 1-866-512-LOSS (5677) or Contact Us.